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Taste Great Coffee

The goal of our roasting process is to draw out the naturally sweet and vibrant taste of the high quality beans we source, while showcasing a variety of regions, processing methods and seasonal specialties. We offer our coffee in a range of flavours so there’s something for everyone.


At Alexander Roastery we partner with numerous specialty coffee shops and hospitality businesses across Sydney and beyond, and we are passionate about welcoming new partners to our network.

We consider the coffee shop-roaster relationship to be more than a simple transaction — instead, we work closely with our partners to optimise their guests’ coffee experience.

Alongside an exceptional product, we offer tailored consultation services, including:

  • Defining the goal of your coffee program

  • Equipment guidance and information

  • Bar flow & placement of equipment

  • Bean selection

  • Ongoing training for your staff


Our measure of partnership success is when your customers have a fantastic experience drinking Alexander Roastery specialty coffee.



We work along side you to help you choose the right equipment for your cafe to drive consistency and efficiency. 


The are many equipment in the market today. Our equipment of choice is the beautifully crafted Slayer and La Marzocco coffee machines along side electronic grinders to deliver the optimum taste of our coffee. Your machine can also be personalised and customised to match your vision.

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