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Our dedicated team of specialty coffee roasters love coffee. We value the relationship we have with our coffee partners and are more than simply coffee roasters.


We’ve been roasting coffee in Sydney for over seven years. We’ve been behind the coffee machines. We know the sting of contracts and unreliable coffee blends.


That’s why our coffee partners stick with us. Partnering with us means more than just delivery of beans. We take a vested interest in your cafe, business and reputation.

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Lead roaster, Patrick, first opened his cafe in 2002. After a 2 hour crash course in beans and tied to an iron-clad contract, he knew something had to change.


So, his journey in creating the best brew began.


Patrick started to look closer at the mechanisms of coffee machines, resulting in many years servicing commercial coffee machines in some of the best cafes in Australia.


And, he discovered they all had one thing in common—the beans.


Alexander Roastery was born.


Our Green Beans

We source green beans from the most reputable and reliable suppliers in Australia. You can rely on our beans’ high quality and consistency because we only source them from the same region. So the cultivation, soil and altitude where our beans are grown create distinct flavours your customers will love.

That means you get consistent quality, taste and flavour notes.

Our green beans have a specialty grade of over 80 points, as graded by the Specialty Coffee Association.


The perfectly roasted beans, every time

We ensure the consistency and quality of our roasted beans through regular cupping. Each batch is tested for cleanness, sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel and aftertaste.


Our cupping also contributes to profiling and the roasting style of our delicious beans.


We take it seriously, because quality control is essential for your customer retention.

Alexander Roastery Coffee Cupping

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